A Letter from the Amazons

Dear People of Average height or Shorter,

No I don’t model, and no I can’t dunk. Hold on, I can reach that, please don’t hurt yourself. The weather up here is the exact same temperature as the weather down there. I have not grown since the last time you’ve seen me. I realize that I’m probably taller than your dad, no need to remind me. And the secret to my being this tall is called genetics.

I’m not writing this to shame people, or to make those of you who’ve ever confronted an above average girl and questioned them about their tall stature feel bad. No. I’m writing this in hopes that you realize that it is okay to ask questions, but there need to be some boundaries people.

And I know you mean well and that perhaps you’re just curious and I don’t mean to give you a fake smile to your face and roll my eyes once I’ve walked away, but you have to understand that I probably hear the same questions you just asked about 30 times a day.

And I’m only writing this to hopefully make you see how hard it is when you meet someone for the first time and the first thing the stranger asks you is “how tall are you.” Or when they don’t even ask you they just state the fact that you’re a giant. Yes. I already know.

How would you feel if every time you left the comfort of your house someone asked you how short you were? I mean I’m not trying to sound redundant but really come on.

Or how about if people were to comment about your lack of love life, and say “I bet it’s difficult trying to find someone taller than you. Or “is that a shirt or a dress? It must be so hard to find clothing.” Really everyone, love isn’t defined by height, and LuluLemon has pants that come in long.

And no people standing at 5’9- 5’11, I’m sorry but you don’t count.

Us Amazons know that we are blessed with the genes from the Gods. We’ve known since elementary school when on class picture day we knew to automatically go to the back without being told. We knew in middle school, when we couldn’t control our bodies, and people teased us for our clumsiness. We knew in high school when our self esteem dropped because we weren’t cute and petite like all the other girls, and we were asked to reach up and turn on the overhead projector, and the class laughed because we didn’t need a chair. Trust me, you aren’t announcing breaking news when you look up in awe and say “whoaaaaa”. Chances are if we charged everyone a nickel that said “whoaaaaa” to us in our lifetime, we’d all be living in the Upper East Side. Xoxo. (Gossip Girl reference)

We aren’t freaks of nature, we are human beings. Just like you. And we are tired of being treated like circus performers or art exhibits made for your personal amusement. No. Because we aren’t that. We walk among you, we are the taller version of you. Let me ask you this, how come you don’t gawk at a girl that’s under 5 feet, but you do at a girl above 6? So many questions, so little answers.

Oh and pleaseeee don’t whisper. I may be tall, but I still have perfect hearing.

All I’m asking is that you stop and think to yourself, “hmmmmm, do I really need to ask her how tall she is? Do I really need to remind her that she’s a giant? I wonder how many times she’s been approached today.” I mean, I’m all for conversations. But please don’t open a chat with a comment to my height, it’s frustrating. Helpful hint, we might be more willing to open up about our towering height if you asked us how are day is, or talked about anything else first, before bringing up the inevitable subject. That’s all we want, that’s all we ask.

So to all the people out there from average height, to below, please, don’t point, gawk, laugh, snapchat or comment, when you see us around you. It’s hard to resist, I know, but for goodness sake, please try. The less blunt you are, they more willing we will be to reach up and grab the can of beans on that very tall shelf for you. I hope you don’t take this letter to heart, but I’d just thought you should know how we all feel when you look at us, no not look, stare at us, mouth open, eyebrows raised. I hope next time you see a 6 footer in your presence you don’t tap your buddies shoulder and whisper, but instead, go about your day, because just like you, believe it or not, we are human.

-Love Ebony. (And no, I still don’t play basketball)

1 thought on “A Letter from the Amazons”

  1. You are just too funny, Ebony! I had to comment because i loved watching you play back in USC, and i am also loving these blog posts. I didn’t expect someone as beautiful and athletic to also be so eloquent and fascinating to read. I guess that is kind of the main theme of your posts though, so i want to thank you for opening my eyes. I hope to watch you play again soon, but i will also check back here to see what else you have to say. You are such a dynamic and refreshing person, and i truly admire you!



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