My Story

My name is Ebony Nwanebu. I have been playing volleyball since the age of five. Along with it have come many amazing opportunities and wonderful experiences. After my freshman year of college I suffered a fracture in my L5 vertebrae and my life changed forever.. I suffered from depression, generalized anxiety, and performance anxiety following that incident. But there is a reason for every trial. Going through mental illness has given my a passion to speak up about how important mental health truly is in everyone, especially student athletes. We have so much pressure to act like everything is okay and perform, when in reality sometimes it isn’t, and its important to know that more people than you think are going through something. My mission is to spread awareness about mental health and end the stigma that society has placed on it, one speaking event, YouTube video and blog post at a time.

It didn’t start and it won’t end with me. I pray that my writings encourage you to share your own story and continue to change more lives than you know. One beat of a butterflies wings can set off a storm a world away.

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